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gothic americana, folk & country
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this is a community for the under-represented genre of gothic americana, folk, and country. these are bands that incorporate the traditional sounds of americana music but lyrically and musical drift to a much darker place than traditional folk and country. these would be the bands that play the background music to a southern fire and brimstone preacher, or provide the hollow sounds to a hanging of a convicted criminal. this community is made to help people find these bands, tell members of bands they've not heard of, and to show support for these artists. this is also a community for the commonly close genre of alt. country & alt. folk. we are also starting to branch out into the souther gothic style of art, incorporating photographers and writers.

File sharing is ok here, but not the main focus. Many of the artists we talk about here are not well known and in need of support. If you want to upload something, please make the entry friends only.

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